Claire Morin Photography


Happy Birthday Aunt Kaye and Dad!

I am willing to admit that I did not take a lot of pictures of the birthday people. But I did take the time to spend my day with both of them because they are great people! Hanging out at the park was hot and awesome. We were lucky to find a place under trees to have our KFC picnic. 


The picnic started off with everyone playing Pok'em Go. I look to my left there is a dude riding his bike while searching for his hidden treasure. I look to my right there are a heard of young kids heading towards the play structure all looking down at their phones. If you grew up in Michigan there was a possibility as child you would find one of these giant beautiful structures! I found it very strange that the (big) kids were the ones that were playing while the others were glued to their phones. 


My boyfriend Tony continued his adventure to the picnic area. His challenge was to climb every tree in the picnic area. Meanwhile the rest of my siblings and cousins played a soccer game. This game involved one goalie and people shouting out the name of the Country they were. By stating your country before kicking the ball into the goal meant that you scored a point, It was very hard to keep track of the points. The game made for great actions shots!

(No one was injured after this shot. no one made the goal either.)

The rest of the evening was spent climbing trees and taking lovely family pictures! Thank you Jill for taking this beautiful image.

Claire Morin